četrtek, 14. avgust 2008


Everybody knows him from the 1994 Jim Carrey classic, but few people know that The Mask is based on a comic book series that was published by Dark Horse comics.
A while ago, a collection of the first 3 arcs was released under the name The Mask Omnibus (everything) Volume 1. I read all 3 of them (except for the issue with Stanley Ipkiss, that isnt available on the net) and I have to say that its bloody amazing.
Its different from the movie though. As you can see from the pic on the left, its very bloody and Big Head (The Mask) isnt a hero. He takes over the person wearing the mask and what he does is reflected on the persons personality.
Ipkiss isnt the main hero, the main hero is Lt. Kellaway (played in the movie by Peter Riegert) and Ipkiss' ex-girlfriend Kathy. Their goal is to get rid of the mask and the hitman who will stop at nothing to get it, Walter.
So yes, the movie is different from the comics, but at least it didnt rape it like this crap did:

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